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Military-Connected Learners Research

Student and Faculty Research

Recent articles by K-State faculty relating to military-connected students:

Faculty and graduate students have conducted numerous research projects that have expanded understanding of military-connected learners. Examples of doctoral dissertations are: 

Beyond Training: The Rise of Adult Education in the MilitaryA special military edition of New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education was edited by two faculty in the adult education program: J. Zacharakis & C. Polson (Eds.). (2012) New directions for adult and continuing education, Vol. 136: Beyond training: The rise of adult education in the military. San Francisco: Jossey Bass. Faculty and student research included in this volume include:

Faculty and students across the college have presented their work at national conferences or are currently conducting research related to military-connected students. Examples are: in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction have been working on research assessing the strengths and needs of K-12 teachers in serving military-connected students. Representations of this work include:

  • Thurston, L.P., Hughey, J., Risberg, S., & Fishback, S.J. (2014). KSU Military ED-OPS: Initiatives at K-State’s College of Education for military and veteran students, teachers, and families. (Presentation at the Council of College and Military Educators Professional Development Symposium)
  • Curtis, L. (2013). Supporting military-connected students: Serving those who serve. (Presentation at the Association of Teacher Educators Annual Summer Conference. Washington D.C.)
  • Curtis, L. & Risberg, S. (2013). Supporting Military-Connected Students in Classrooms: Strategies for Resiliency. (Research project)
  • Mittelberg, J. (2013). Pre-service teachers’ knowledge and perceptions about the needs of military-connected students. (Class project)
  • Risberg, S. (2013). K-State’s military-connected student initiatives. (Presentation at the AUSA Military Family Forum)