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Securing Your iPad

Use the Passcode Lock

  • The Passcode Lock secures your iPad when the device goes to sleep, requiring you to enter the Passcode to access your iPad once it wakes up.
  • To set up Passcode Lock:
    • Settings App > General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode On

Enable Restrictions

  • To use Restrictions:
    • Settings App > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions
  • Restrictions can be applied to specific apps and to device features such as the Camera
  • The Restrictions Passcode and the Passcode Lock can be the same or different

Use the Find My iPhone App

The Find My iPhone App allows you to track your devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac) from your computer or another iOS device if you have misplaced it. The app must be enabled in your iCloud settings on your device for you to locate it.

You can use Find My iPhone to:

Find My iPhone map

  • See the location of all of your devices on a map
    • A green dot means it's online
    • A gray dot means it's offline
  • Find My iPhone optionsMake your device play a sound
    • If the device is online, the sound plays immediately (for two minutes).
    • If the device is offline, the sound plays the next time the device is online.
  • Erase the data on your device
    • Note: Try to locate the device or play a sound before you erase the device. After you have erased the information on an iOS device, you won't be able to use Find My iPhone to locate it or play a sound.
    • To erase your device remotely, you need to have set up Find My iPhone on the device BEFORE it was lost.
  • Lock and track the location of an iOS device with Lost Mode:
    • Sign in to icloud.com/find using your Apple ID (or use the Find My iPhone app on another device)
    • Click on the Devices button at the top left
    • Select a device that you want to lock or track
    • Click Lost Mode and follow the onscreen instructions.
      • If you're asked to enter a passcode, type the digits that will be required to unlock and use the device if it's found.
      • If your device already has a passcode, the device will lock with the existing passcode. 
      • If you're asked to enter a phone number, enter a number where you can be reached.
      • If you're asked to enter a message, you can indicate that the device is lost and how to contact you. This message will appear on the device's lock screen.
      • If the device is online, it locks and tracking begins immediately and a confirmation email is sent to your Apple ID email address.
      • If the device is offline, the lock and tracking take effect the next time it's online.
    • To make any changes to the message or phone number shown on the lost device, or to turn off Lost Mode, just click Lost Mode again and make your changes.
    • You can also lock an iOS device or Mac computer
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