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Graduate Student Travel Grants

Graduate students in the College of Education have three primary sources of funding for travel to conferences: the Diversity for Community Committee, College of Education Travel Grants, and Graduate Student Council travel grants.

Diversity for Community Committee Proposals

Graduate students are invited to submit proposals to the DCC for travel to conferences related to the mission and purpose of the committee. For instance, it would be appropriate to submit a proposal for funds to travel to a conference on Race, Class, and Gender or to the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) annual conference or to the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference if the presentation topic fit with the mission and purpose of the committee. The proposals are more likely to be funded if they are submitted several months in advance of the event or project. In addition, it is expected that a graduate student will present a brown bag presentation to the College sometime after returning from a conference or completing a funded project.

 Diversity Proposal Funding Guidelines (PDF)

College of Education (COE) Travel Grants

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies (017) Bluemont Hall) is pleased to offer travel grants for graduate students in the College of Education. Read carefully the Travel Grants Guidelines below and submit your application materials electronically to Kathy Brown at klb@k-state.edu.

COE Graduate Student Travel Grant Guidelines (PDF)
COE Graduate Student Travel Grant Application (DOC)

Graduate Student Council Travel Awards

The K-State Graduate Student Council awards travel grants to graduate students in the form of monetary compensation for expenses incurred while representing K-State in an official, non-recruiting capacity.

 Graduate Student Council Travel Awards

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