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Nondegree-Seeking Graduate Studies

To take a graduate course, a student must be admitted into a degree program or be admitted as a nondegree-seeking student. A nondegree-seeking student is a person who wants to take one or more credits but does not want to seek completion of a degree program.

Application and Admission Procedures

Please Submit the Following Application Materials:

  1. One Copy of the Application Form:
    Application for Admission to the Graduate School
    • Students must meet the same grade point average (GPA) requirements as applicants to a degree program.
    • You do not need to send letters of recommendation since they are not required by the College of Education for nondegree-seeking students.
    • No more than nine (9) hours earned as a nondegree-seeking student may be transferred into a regular degree program if a student is later admitted into a regular degree program. Students must meet the same GPA requirements as applicants to a degree program.
  2. A Transcript from the institution awarding your bachelor's degree and where applicable a transcript from all institutions where you earned any graduate credits. Copies that are stamped "issued to student" can be accepted when applying for nondegree-seeking student status, but official transcripts are needed when applying for admission to a degree program. (If you have credits at K-State, you do not need to request that transcript; we can obtain a copy of it at no cost to you.)
For information regarding the College of Education graduate programs email:


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