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College of Education

Enrolling in Classes

On-Campus Enrollment

Enrollment for on-campus K-State courses is done through KSIS (K-State Student Information System).

To take on-campus classes, a student must be admitted either as a non-degree student or admitted into a degree program.

During the fall and spring semesters, most (but not all) on-campus graduate courses are offered one time a week from 4:30–6:55 p.m. or 7:05–9:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

During the summer semester, classes are scheduled in various ways; some classes may be offered only in the afternoons in June or July while other classes may meet in the morning for a shorter amount of time each day for the entire summer session. It is possible to take as many as nine credits during summer session. Students are strongly discouraged from taking more than nine credits during summer session; in such cases, the advisor and the Graduate School need to approve the course load.

Off-Campus Enrollment

Enroll online at the Global Campus website
How to Enroll
Admission Options/Policies

Course Schedules

Course schedules by semester, college, and department

Tuition and Fees Payment

Payment is not required at time of enrollment. Tuition billing information is sent electronically and is accessible through KSIS (K-State Student Information System).

Making Continual Progress

Once admitted, students are expected to make continual progress in taking courses and completing degree requirements. If an admitted student does not enroll in any KSU course for six consecutive semesters (two years; fall, spring, summer semesters), the KSU Graduate Council has approved placing that student in an inactive status, which means that no further enrollment will be permitted.

Once in inactive status, a student must reapply to (and be accepted into) a graduate program before being considered for re-entry by the Graduate School. In order to be allowed to resume graduate studies, the student must meet all requirements for entry in force at the time of the new application. Inactive students who seek to regain active status will not, however, be required to recreate materials submitted with their original applications and held in their files by the Graduate School.

Prior to being placed in inactive status, a letter will be sent to the student giving the student an opportunity to declare intentions to become active and to contact the advisor to make specific plans to complete degree requirements.

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