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Lesson Planning

“The Cooperating Teacher should be looking at these and giving feedback. The lesson should meet the Cooperating Teacher's expectations. Clinical Instructors look for the different components, but the Cooperating Teacher should know what the Student Teacher will be teaching and whether or not it will be meet the intended objectives and standards.”

– USD #383 Elementary school Clinical Instructor

Cooperating teachers need to make an effort to share their “teaching philosophy, classroom rules, procedures and routines, arrangement of the classroom as a foundation for solid curriculum planning and implementation” on behalf of the student teacher at the start of the practicum experience or internship.

Lesson planning will vary by age of student instruction and content area. However, there are several tenants to effective planning. Cooperating teachers can “assist novice teachers by working with him/her to identify specific content and outcomes,” allowing them to reflect of what are the “important topics or concepts” that need to be addressed in planning.

Lesson Plan Samples

Lesson Plan Template #1 (Word)

→ Lesson Plan Template #2 (Word)

Lesson Plan Example (PDF)

Student Lesson Plan Sample (PDF)

Q: How to address poor planning?

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