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Video Conferencing

Arrangements for Adobe™ Connect meetings need to be scheduled in advance. Please contact Val McKain at coesched@k-state.edu.

Adobe™ Connect

Adobe™ Connect is a non-specific hardware solution that connects multiple properly-equipped computers at varied locations. It can be used with teaching from Bluemont Hall to another classroom, as well as from a faculty member’s office computer (with the proper camera and microphone) to students at multiple locations (also equipped with a computer and the proper camera and microphone). It does not need arrangements with the distant site for a specific room.

Adobe™ Connect arrangements include:

  • A “virtual meeting” space to be scheduled in advance.
  • Arrangements to notify of the URL where the virtual conference will take place.
  • Students at the far end need to be able to acquire, setup and manage their own technology with a high-speed Internet access. ALL participants MUST HAVE a camera, an echo-cancelling microphone and high–speed internet access.

Our current provider for Adobe Connect conferencing has a very comprehensive website full of information for both instructors and participants:

Adobe Connect Conferencing

Camera Advice, which is located towards the bottom right of the page, provides a link to the camera they currently recommend which has a camera with a compatible microphone built in to it.

Other items of importance (under HELP Links) include:
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