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Dr. David Allen
Director of Field Experiences

Professional Development Schools

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The College of Education, since 1989, has entered into partnerships with three local school districts to establish fourteen elementary, five middle school, and two high school Professional Development Schools (PDS). The PDS Partnership is based on the premise that education must be viewed as a continuum from kindergarten through university and that significant improvement in one part of the system is not likely without improvement throughout. As educators we cannot expect improvement in K-12 schools until we improve the preparation of teachers and administrators: but, we cannot sustain even the best teachers and administrators until we have improved school systems.

The Kansas State University PDS Model is based on the belief that teacher preparation and school reform are the joint responsibility of institutions of higher education and school systems. All teachers and principals from the PDS are now collaborative PDS partners. The PDS and their faculty are involved in all phases of the KSU teacher preparation program. Teachers, administrators, and KSU faculty jointly serve as co-planners, teacher and evaluators of methods courses and field experiences, on-site PDS seminar leaders, and supervisors and mentors of practicing teachers. Teachers, administrators and faculty are also jointly involved in school improvement efforts, curriculum development, program evaluation, professional development activities, and collaborative action research projects. Each PDS has identified at least one clinical instructor and KSU faculty member who, in conjunction with the building principal, coordinate all PDS activities and experiences.