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College of Education

College Publications

We communicate with alumni, students and professional educators through various print and electronic publications…


Our college publishes an annual magazine to help keep you up to date of the latest news, events, alumni accomplishments and other information about the college.

More Connections

Our quarterly eNewsletter to help keep you up to date on the latest news involving our faculty, students and programs.

Educational Considerations

A leading peer-reviewed journal in the field of educational leadership, featuring contributions from educators throughout the world. 

Prairie Journal of Educational Research

A journal created by and for College of Education students, this online publication provides a platform for student publication and an opportunity to learn about the world of academic publishing.

Before the Bell: Supporting New Educators

This eNewsletter is designed to give new educators specific and practical tips to help them successfully navigate through their first year of teaching.

Patrice Scott
Communications Coordinator
1114 Mid-Campus Drive North
16B Bluemont Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506