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For more information about the Adult and Continuing Education program:

Dr. Royce Ann Collins


Adult and Continuing Education Graduate Programs

The College offers a full program of graduate studies in adult and continuing education, ranging from graduate certificates to M.S., Ed.D., and Ph.D. degrees.

Graduate programs in Adult and Continuing Education at K-State, located in the Department of Educational Leadership have a long history of providing the only post-baccalaureate degrees in adult and continuing education among the Kansas Regent institutions. For more than 25 years, K-state’s programs have been the place to which many citizens of Kansas and Ft. Leavenworth military installation have turned for advanced preparation related to providing quality education programs for adults. The Adult and Continuing Education degree programs are geared toward working professionals whose careers involve working with adults in educational and training situations.

Our graduate programs and faculty have a long history working with and supporting state and local adult education programs and initiatives, such as adult basic education and literacy programs, college personnel, corporate trainers, and military officers. Available masters and doctoral degrees–both face to face and online– emphasize the professional needs of all adult educators in their roles as leaders, teachers, managers, and program developers.

M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education

The Adult Education Master’s degree is for working professionals looking to increase their knowledge of adult education theory and techniques for personal and professional practice. In the K-State Adult Education program you can expect challenging and insightful coursework and the opportunity to develop personal relationships with both students and faculty. Additionally, students are often encouraged to incorporate their diverse professional and personal life experiences into the discussions, which provides multiple foundations for understanding how theory develops into practice.

We offer a unique blend of both online courses and two Kansas City locations to better serve the needs of our students. Please see our Adult Education Program website for more information.

M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education Program booklet (PDF)

Alignment Matrix Worksheet (PDF)
2015 Program Assessment Report (PDF)
→ Portfolio Guidelines (PDF)

Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education

The Adult Education Ph.D. graduate program is designed to prepare scholars who are committed to a career with responsibilities and requirements associated with college/university faculty membership and/or interest in the development of knowledge, theory, and research.

Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education Program booklet (PDF)

PhD Student Learning Objectives (PDF)
PhD Alignment Matrix Worksheet (PDF)

Ed.D. in Adult and Continuing Education

The Adult Education Ed.D. graduate program provides advanced education and experience to prepare people for work in education, business, industry, government, health services, community agencies, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, as well as many professional areas.

Ed.D. in Adult and Continuing Education Program booklet (PDF)

EdD Student Learning Objectives (PDF)
EdD Alignment Matrix Worksheet (PDF)

Graduate Certificates

Adult Learning Graduate Certificate

This 15-credit hour Adult Learning graduate certificate program emphasizes how adult learning principles and instructional methods can be used to strengthen skills of trainers and educators who provide educational opportunities for adult learners. This program will assist any working professional who would like to expand their skills in the areas of adult curriculum design, learning theories and methods of teaching, and program evaluation.

Leadership Dynamics for Adult Learners

This 15-credit hour graduate certificate program is designed for professionals wishing to enhance their skill sets to lead and motivate people effectively, understand group dynamics and communicate.

Qualitative Research Graduate Certificate

This 18-credit hour graduate certificate introduces students to qualitative research methods from a broad social science perspective so they understand how qualitative research has been taken up in education and other fields. This experience will allow students to make connection between different parts of the inquiry process, thereby developing a stronger understanding of how to conceptualize, execute, and report projects conducted through qualitative inquiry.

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) for Adult Learners Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate is an 18-credit hour online program that emphasizes instructional methods and principles of learning that promote linguistic, cognitive, and academic development for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) adult learners in various educational settings.

Online Programs Brochure

Online Adult Education Graduate Programs brochure (PDF)